Monday, May 19, 2008

How to do PowerPoint right!

Here's another video on how to effectively do Power Point presentations. Thanks again, to Ed Ross for connecting me, unknowingly, to this video. Watch the video and learn. But if you want the best resource on this; then purchase Cliff Atkinson's book Beyond Bullet Points. It is by far the best resource I can offer. The video is about 20 minutes. Enjoy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

PowerPoint and My Love/Hate Relationship with It

As many of you know, my church uses PowerPoint for almost everything. And while I love PowerPoint (you can do some great things with it and effectively communicate with it), I also hate it when it isn't used properly. And so to help some PowerPoint people out there here's a great example of what NOT to do with PowerPoint. DO NOT DO THIS! I cry when I see this done. By the way, I have to give thanks to Ed Ross for inadvertently directing me to this video. I found it on the Geeks&God forum.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Bid

Well, we put a bid on the house today. Now we play the waiting game, then possibly the negotiating game and the like. It's exciting. Although, according to my wife I am a wreck. It is pretty stressful. But exciting to have your own place, your own room. It makes me think of Ascension Day. Christ returns to Heaven and says that there He is preparing a place for us...a room. That same feeling of a place to live and dwell carries over to know that we have a place in heaven established for us where we will live and dwell with our Savior is simple awesome. (No this is not a picture of our house)

The Great House Hunt

Well, my wife and I have started our house hunt about a week ago. It has been a growing experience. Our realtor has been great! Yet, I must say that the first couple days of searching we were very saddened by the houses that were in our price range. Many that we saw were foreclosed. I was shocked at the way the previous owners treated these houses. Certainly, they were foreclosed for a reason. But we saw some disgusting pits; smoke reeking, pet urine smelling, furniture dissolving, and junk filled houses. I was simply saddened at how the previous owners took care a place in which they lived. Of course, these houses got us down. Can we afford to live in these areas? Can we afford to purchase a house in this community?
But then yesterday changed all that. We did change the community in which we were looking at and we found some great houses. Beautiful houses that we could see ourselves living in. It's exciting but it's also nerve-racking. I'm a cautious person, so this is extremely stressful as we think about placing a bid and we pray that the timing all plays out.