Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My first Blog...comments on "Does God Exist?"

On the 9th of May, Wednesday evening ABC’s Nightline aired the first of a series called “Face-Off”. The show promoted a debate: “Does God Exist?” Two people from what is called the Rational Response Squad, represented the Atheist side. Actor Kirk Cameron and author Ray Comfort represented the Christian side. They each debated the existence or lack of existence of God. This show has sparked such fervor of discussions on the forum boards.

From the beginning Cameron and Comfort’s agenda was to prove that God does exist without using the Bible or faith. While I agree that one can use this method, basically the Natural Knowledge of God, is it the best method of witnessing? I believe that it could be a starting point for atheists, but it is not our convincing arguments that will win people over for Christ but only by the Holy Spirit.

I could discuss many other things about that Nightline episode and arguments about Atheism but I want to focus on a statement one of the Atheists said during the show. She said, “I would rather go to Hell, than go to Heaven and worship a Totalitarian God!” PRAY THAT THIS IS NOT SO! It breaks my heart to see such anger and hatred. It should also break your hearts too.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we need to be more active in our Christian witness. I am sure that many of us know someone in our own life that is an Atheist. It may be your brother, your sister, an uncle, or friend. They might even be a co-worker. God desires all people to be saved. We, as Christians, are called to witness our faith to those who do not know Christ.

How are we to be witnesses? First, is to simply live out our Christian life in all spheres of our activities. We can no longer behave and act differently on Sunday than when we go into the office on Monday. I see far too often that we have compartmentalized our lives. I play my Christian role on Sunday or just when I’m at church. Then when I’m in the office I play my business person role that has no real attachment to my Christian role. This is a danger that we need to stop. Our identity is tied with Christ. We are always a Christian and that needs to be revealed in all aspects of our life. We also need to be confident in confessing what we believe. The public confession of the Apostles’ Creed is not just for Sunday. When addressed about our faith or beliefs be BOLD in confessing Jesus Christ. Finally, always pray. Pray for those that do not know Christ that the Holy Spirit would work and move in their lives. Maybe the Holy Spirit will bring that Atheist to the Body of Christ. What a joy and celebration will it be then!


RSLC Children Ministry said...

Does God Exist - I appreciate your thoughts. It is sad that some people don't know the true joy that is theirs through Jesus Christ. Each day when I see creation I know that God does exist. I do believe that living the joyful life each day and trying to have an attitude of love shows others the love of God through us. I will keep looking at your meanderings of a lutheran!

James said...

Many so-called free thinking people subscribe to the notion that human-kind somehow evolved from a single cell without any design or direction. And that evolution as the sole 'scientific' explanation for mankind is the only theory our public schools should be teaching. Perhaps Kurt Cameron had made a good case against such feable logic, saying that we know that a building has had its beginning because we, having eyes and a clear mind, can understand thet there was a builder who had planned out the design of the building and orchestrated the assembly of its components and that the building did not spring up on its own via chance over trillions of years. I think the Apostle Paul makes the best case in Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world, God's invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse".

So why is it that as a culture we (or, they??) have been so blind to what is so obvious? How does one rationalize that something so simple as a blade of grass is a product of chance, yet it is so complex an organization that it uses chlorophil to exchange oxygen for nitrogen to refresh the vital air that we breathe and provide food for hmans and animals to eat? How does such an ecosystem evolve into being without first destroying itself first due to chance? How does this all happen by chance over trillions of years? The answer is obvious. It was not done by chance, it was done by design. And when a non-believer can acept that thinking, that's when the Holy Spitit begins to work inside him.