Monday, June 30, 2008

Winds of Change! Winds of Change!

This is the mantra that drives my wife crazy. It stems from many movies, usually of a Japanese influence, that when the trees move and the wind blows it signals a change in direction or something major is going to happen. For example, the protagonist who thinks the battle over, winds of change happen, and something major occurs. So this is the winds of change for my blog. At first, I designed this blog for my class Faith through Film where I discussed film and people from the class could join in the conversation. That didn't go too well. Then I shifted to a type of theology focused blog. That really didn't go too well. All throughout it, I sprinkled posts on my thoughts of the day, my interests and just stuff I wanted to talk about. Examples would be the comics, media and how to do a power point right. (Oh, that powerpoint is still a hot topic of mine) So this got me thinking of just doing a personal blog. My daily thoughts and some other posts of life being intersected. One of the biggest things that got me thinking is how I can show that faith and life do intersect. So I hope you will enjoy this new change in direction for this it truly becomes "Meandering of a Lutheran". Winds of Change! Winds of Change!

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WargamerBert said...

Hey, cool... How do you do powerpoint right, anyway? I've been using it for Bible Class and Confirmation, but I would like to do some powerpoint sermons. What do you think?