Monday, July 7, 2008

More on Presentations

Thanks again to Ed Ross (I think...are you edr??) for another great video on presentations. The video plays on itself, in that they guy gives suggestions on how do do a presentation while the whole video sets itself up in the correct style.

PresenTired: "The Voicemail" from Scott Schwertly on Vimeo.


EdR said...

Yes, I'm Edr too. Not sure what happened, but somewhere along the way, I think I've managed to mangle my google accounts!

Ryan Oakes said...

You know that's happened to me before. Just gives me more reason to think about OpenID. Thanks for connecting me to the video. This presentation thing has become a big pet peeve of mine. Especially as I look at it from a communications perspective.

EdR said...

I tried to use some of the ideas in these presentations about presentations in a talk I gave at the youth work night at my church last Friday. Take a look and see what you think with the (slightly modified for online viewing) video of the talk. (I've taken out some of the "moving parts" and some of the text at the end is different, but it is mostly the same.)