Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Info, Even Better Presentation

I've seen this video at other sites but I finally broke down to watch it on (great website). Anyway, even though I was not going to buy a car anytime soon, I decided to check it out. The info that was presented is great but the presentation is even better. If you are going to do any PowerPoint Presentations, check this one out! He has the presentation set up on a timer, so it forces the speaker to remember the points and to move along. NO SIDETRACKS! And he doles out a host of information in only a little over 5 minutes. Along with using only pictures until the recap slide, the information conveyed is pretty nice.
Check it out:


Unlikely said...

this is really funny, I wonder what it would be like to preach in this format. Might be fun.

RevnPadre said...

So Ryan,
Why's the proverbial pen been so dry? Have you shunned the blogosphere?

chandra said...

Thanks for the video! it was real special!!
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